Saturday, February 25, 2012

Cutting Table for Quilting

My wife had been asking sometime for a specific table to cut material on for her quilting.  Cutting material requires a lot of force that you can't apply while sitting, and bending over a standard height table will have your back crying foul in no time. (I ran out of time before Christmas and had to present this to my wife with stain only, so I don't have a finished picture yet)

After some horse trading (actually it was a pig, really!) for a stack of knotty pine, I decided what better material to use on a table that would see a lot of abuse.  I used a breadboard technique on the top, added a lower shelf and a drawer for additional storage, and finished the table with a couple coats of polyurethane. 

As you can see these pics are taken in my kitchen, I don't have sufficient heat in my woodworking area during winter for gluing or finishing.  The small tarp on the floor was for glue up and flattening the top with my hand plane.

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